DOD Inkjet Printing

Drop-On-Demand InkJet Printing

With a variety of controllers, printheads, and inks available to choose from, Drop-On-Demand printing is suitable for many different packaging and industrial applications.  Case coding, bags, lumber, and metals are just a few of the common applications where we have provided successful solutions.  The flexible, modular design allows you to select the right combination for your needs.


Matthews offers two styles of Drop-On-Demand large character valve printheads: Standard Series and 8000 Series.

Standard Series printheads produce a medium resolution mark, with character heights from ¼” to 2-1/2”, offered in either 7 or 16 valve printheads.

8000 Series printheads produce a high resolution mark by overlapping a series of smaller dots.  Character heights range from
3/32” to 5”.


Matthews offers several different controllers capable of driving the family of large character valve printheads. Printing applications sometimes include challenging factors, such as the need to print on both sides the product, graphics and logos, large format images that require multiple printheads, and many others. Our range of controllers allows you to produce the mark you need as economically as possible, whether your application is simple or complex.

Ink Supply Systems

Each application has different demands, based on the specific need and requirement.  Matthews offers many options when it comes to ink delivery systems for the large character drop on demand systems.  For low-volume users, there is a compact, 1-liter ink supply unit.  For larger-volume users we offer 4-liter, 5-gallon, and 55-gallon large capacity ink supply systems.  Matthews produces a special water-based ink system called J.A.W.S. (Just Add Water System) that provides ink on demand from concentrate.  The Flowjet pigmented ink delivery system provides continuous ink circulation throughout the ink container, ink tubing, and printhead to prevent settling of pigments.

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