Corrugate case coding solutions

Properly identifying, branding, and coding corrugated boxes is as important to your customer as it is to you. With a 4” maximum print height per printhead, Matthews offers the tallest print area in the industry, allowing you to mark more information with fewer printheads. Large, bold graphics and fonts make your cartons stand out and crisp, legible date, time and lot codes take the guesswork out of traceability. Regardless of what you need to print, our corrugated marking solutions ensure superior quality at a fraction of the cost of labels and pre-printed boxes.

Applications Include:

  • Barcoding
  • Lot, Batch, and ID Coding
  • Branding
Lower costs.

Whether you’re currently using labels or pre-printed boxes, switching to direct carton marking is significantly cheaper. Free up warehouse space, reduce downtime, cut labor costs and reduce material costs by marking directly on the package. Plus, with the largest print area in the industry, Matthews printheads allow you to do more with fewer printheads.

Improve quality.

High-resolution quality and spot color for barcodes and graphics produce clean, highly visible marks, even on darker substrates.

Decrease downtime.

No more label machine jams or pre-printed box changes stopping your production line. Our low-maintenance direct carton printers pair with MPERIA®  for easy message changes without the downtime.

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